Couch Potato Alpha is the first episode of the first season of Arby 'n the Ch!3f: Mini-Mized.

Plot Edit

Master Chief is busy playing an online Halo 5: Guardians match on Jon's Xbox One and continuously dies due to his poor skill level. After shouting a lot of negatives and swears at the other players in the game, Arbiter pokes his head out of the computer room and demands that he to keep it down, to which Chief ignores.

Later that day, Arbiter is looking through the pantry for a bite to eat, only to find a used condom shoved behind the stove. Arbiter then confronts Chief, suspecting the latter to be the obvious culprit. Chief becomes angry and accuses Arbiter of being a "Nosy Nancy". Frustrated, Arbiter simply leaves.

Later, Arbiter is seen reading a book in Jon's bedroom when he, once again, hears Chief shouting nonsensical expletives at the television. While going out to investigate, Arbiter discovers Chief playing Halo: Reach, which is backwards compatible with the Xbox One, in a very hectic Matchmaking session on the map Countdown. Chief is then heard arguing with another player over the former's kill-death ratio, with Chief hurling out insult after insult, the majority of them being genitalia-based comments.

Arbiter then syncs up a controller and joins Chief in matchmaking, in spite of the latter's protests. During the following match, Arbiter and Chief are met by a duo of players whose armor resembles their own. They soon learn that these 2 are the same, incoherent fanboys that they saved during Scott Loveheart's rampage a while back. They also learn that their armor is the way it is due to the fanboys' outward respect for the duo. While Arbiter simply tries to avoid the fanboys, finding them flattering but creepy, Chief becomes completely in love with the idea of having his own cronies to boss around.

Frustrated with Chief "taking advantage of 2 impressionable young boys", Arbiter disconnects his controller and leaves.

Trivia Edit